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10 Best PC Soccer Game, Online and Offline Versions

Playing soccer games on PC is a great alternative. There are a lot of different best PC version of the soccer game that can be downloaded easily. In addition, soccer games played on PC have a better appearance compared to other platforms. You can play these 10 best online and offline PC soccer game in an easy and fun way. A collection of the latest PC version of the football game.

There are many options when it comes to choosing the best PC soccer game. This choice can add alternatives when choosing what soccer game you like. What are you curious about? Come see the reviews below.


FIFA Become The Most Popular Football Game


The most played PC soccer game is FIFA. FIFA soccer has been known by many people for a long time. This soccer game was first released in 1993. This soccer game is a soccer game that has received an official license from the FIFA organization for the first time.

FIFA 20 is the newest version of this soccer game. Released on September 24, 2019, FIFA 20 can be enjoyed in various countries. This PC soccer game developed by EA sports has good quality compared to the previous version.

The visual quality that is displayed in the direction the ball is going, for example, in FIFA 20 the movement of the ball looks more realistic and has the appropriate speed. So it’s no surprise that FIFA is the best PC soccer game for fans of PC games.

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PES has the most fans in the PC version of the soccer game

source: aceh media

PES or Pro Evolution Soccer is one of the best PC soccer games that has quite a lot of players. The number of PES players also keeps pace with FIFA. This PC soccer game developed by Konami is ranked quite popular among gamers.

The latest version of PES 20 was launched in August 2019. Currently, Konami is preparing PES 21 which will be officially released in September 2020 tomorrow. PES 21 has collaborated with several official soccer team licenses, such as Juventus, Barcelona and Manchester United.

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Graphics quality improvements were also made in PES 21. These include dynamic weather extensions, more realistic lighting, and a game experience. It is not surprising then that PES becomes a rival for FIFA in the world of PC version of the soccer game and fights for who is the best.

There are several things that differentiate PES and FIFA. The most striking difference is in the issue of licensing. In PES, only limited licenses. Some of the teams that have been registered in the license include Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Manchester United, Arsenal, Bayern Munich and AC Milan.

As for FIFA, almost all teams have received a license. As a result, some of the jersey in PES have not changed and are not updated. The advantages of PES lies in the visual similarity to the original graphics, while FIFA places more emphasis on the official license that joins it.

Best Football Manager Simulator Game

Playing soccer games is not just about the match as a player. In this game, you can play the role of a soccer manager and manage the overall game strategy, you know. What are some of these best football manager simulator games?

Football Manager Excels in Football Games

For lovers of the PC game world, fooball manager is the best PC soccer game in its field. Football manager 20 is the latest release developed by Sports Interactive and published by Sega.

This PC soccer game provides its best quality through several updates made. If in the previous version (Football Manager 19), there was a new concept in the form of VAR or virtual assistant referee, then in the 20th version there is a development center feature . This feature allows gamers to train young footballers.

In terms of the quality of the graphics displayed, Football Manager 20 has a display that is more comfortable to look at. This video game is getting serious in working on how it looks so that it is more realistic and less rigid.

One of the advantages of version 20 is the role of staff in a soccer match. This soccer game is indeed made as real as possible with the original version of football, so that the smallest components are also taken into account.

Top Eleven Becomes the Featured Football Manager Game Next


Top Eleven Football Manager is one of the best soccer manager simulation games. This soccer game was developed by Nordeus. As a developing game developer, Nordeus continues to provide high quality service in Top Eleven.

Through the top eleven games, when playing you will be made as if you are a real soccer manager. Its slick graphic appearance makes this game present real things. For example in a given stadium, its appearance bears a high resemblance to the original stadium.

The latest version was released in 2019 so that it makes the Top Eleven 19 have several new features. One of the newest features of this version of the best soccer manager simulation game is that it can store up to four formations. This is an advantage for managers.

This advantage is obtained because the arrangement of four formations can save energy and time. After four formations have been made, the manager does not need to reset every time the game starts.

In the latest version, a list of top scores for all competitions is also presented. Previously, this list of top scores only existed during league competitions. However, after updating, this display can be available with a special button that can be pressed directly.

This soccer manager simulation game has several types of matches that can be played. The types include league, cup, champion, and friendly. Each of these types of games has a different function and purpose.

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PC Version Football Game with the Best Classic Look

source: road mouse

Lately, the PC version of the soccer game boasts the most slick and contemporary visuals. Some of these soccer games actually give you a retro 90s-style impression that makes you feel more nostalgic, you know.

Sociable Soccer with Classic Concept

The next soccer game favored by various game players is sociable soccer. Sociable soccer is a PC game with an arcade genre. The game was designed by Jon Hare under Tower Studios. Later developed in the Finnish studio company Combo Breaker.

The visuals displayed in this PC soccer game have a 90s feel. So that when you play sociable soccer at Agen sbobet you will feel a classic nuance in it.

Jon Hare in compiling this game was inspired by football matches in England. The game, which was launched in 2015, is unfortunately now withdrawn from circulation for the PC version. Sociable soccer can only be played on several other platforms, for example apple.

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Super Arcade Football, Give a Unique Retro Impression

Super arcade football is one type of soccer game on PC that provides the best 90s feel. The retro atmosphere in it will make you feel nostalgic for the 90s.

The technology in it is to use elements of slow motion banana bending technology. So when the player is going to shoot the ball, there will be a slow motion effect that makes it even more slick.

The best PC soccer game version can be played in several ways. There is a single player mode or players can play alone or multi player with a limit of four players.

Soccer Game on PC Antimainstream

Football is not just about matches between clubs. Through these games, you will feel competing with anti-stress nuances. Starting from playing roles to fighting. Wow, what are they?

Build a Football Player Character through Lords of Football

For those of you who love simulation games like The Sims, then Lords of Football is the right choice. In this game, you don’t just do matches, but you can control the lives of football players in it like in the sims game.

In addition, through Lords of Football, you can be the party that moves soccer player activities off the field. Really interesting isn’t this game?

Soccer Rage Becomes an Antimainstream Soccer Game

Playing soccer games is usually about taking kicks and doing target goals on the field. However, through this soccer rage game, you will be given a different sensation of playing.

This soccer game not only plays matches against different teams, but there is also an element of action in it. Maybe it sounds a little strange, but in this PC game you can fight each other without getting a yellow or red card.

The developer of this game designed a ball game by integrating elements between fighting and action. The terms of play are that you must be able to defeat and take out the opposing team of a maximum of seven people. Also don’t forget to score as many goals as possible.

Rocket League, Not Just an Ordinary Soccer Game

sumber: jagat play

Football matches are indeed interesting to review and make into video games. There are so many soccer fans around the world that it should come as no surprise that PC soccer video game developers are constantly racing to give their best.

One of the most popular soccer games is rocket league. If in other soccer games you have to do matches on the field. So in this rocket league you won’t find that.

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Soccer games generally bring together two soccer teams to win. The mainstay jersey is characteristic in the green of the field which is arranged with the best possible graphics.

This is different from the rocket league. Here, you will find matches that were played by car. The soccer players who compete are not human figures. In it also the number of players is five against five. This car will later grab the giant ball provided.

The struggle for the ball is of course to create goals against the opponent’s goal. Wow, it’s really anti-mainstream!

FootLOL Game: Epic Fail League, Unique Football Play

source: ecco

Playing soccer is very fun if you succeed in breaking into your opponent’s goal. Players must set the right strategy so that the ball can be directed easily into the opponent’s goal. Then what if you break into the opponent’s goal in a ‘weird’ way?

This uniqueness is in the PC version of the soccer game called the FootLOL Game. The name alone shows the strangeness of the world of football. You can play the game of soccer in many ways.

There is no element of foul in this soccer game. So you can play as you like. Even this soccer game is equipped with a feature to remove strange objects so that your opponent will be fooled.

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In playing, players can throw mines or bullets so that the opponent loses. In fact, here you can choose to remove a cow in the middle of a match. The goal, of course, is to outwit the opponent and you can score goals. Wow, what nonsense.


It is very interesting that this is not a review of the ten best PC football games. Decide what you like the most and have fun playing. Remember not to be affected by the soccer gambling games that are mushrooming out there.

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