5 Best Recommended Brain Teasers Android Games

Basically the purpose of playing games is not just to entertain yourself. There are several games that aim to train the abilities of the players. For example, games in the form of agility fighting, puzzles, memory, and others. For that, see the recommendations for the 5 best brain teasers android games ever.

The following five series of games are considered effective for sharpening the performance of the human brain. Moreover, each of these games requires a special strategy to win the match. There are various missions that the player has to complete. Each existing mission is usually packed with a logic game concept.


5 Brain Teasers Android Games

In fact many people are interested in brain teasers games. Curious whether all the slot online games below are quite challenging and bring their own passion. Check this out!

1. Brain Out – Can you pass it?


This one game contains logic games that are not limited to just sharpening the brain. Brain Out also encourages creative problem solving techniques. In addition, there are a number of commands that lead to either traps or victories.

So that players must think outside the box in order to successfully complete the challenge. Brain Out – Can you pass it? also provides many levels complete with different difficulty levels.

2. Unblock Me FREE


Unblock Me Free is one of the most interesting brain teasers android games because it requires extra focus. It’s no surprise that the game requires mature logic skills. The game developer himself, Kiragames, has successfully brought Unblock Me Free to become a favorite game.

Unblock Me Free is quite popular and has been downloaded through Google PlayStore 600,000 times. Basically, this game is not difficult to play and is relatively simple. However, each level presents a challenge that is quite tricky.

How to play it is enough to let the red blocks go out. But the player must complete the challenge in the form of brown blocks that will get in the way. The player tries to move the brown blocks so they don’t get in the way.

3. Brain Teasers Android Games: Happy Glass


The Happy Glass game is a favorite game that drains the brain of the players. The missions facing the player look simple but contain various pitfalls. Actually the players just make sure the glasses are filled with water and don’t leave them empty.

If there is an empty glass, it will show a sad face. The way to fill water in a glass is quite unique, namely by drawing various shapes. If the guessed shape is right, it will become water that goes into the glass.

4. Roll the Ball® – Slide Puzzle


This one game was successfully developed by Bitmango developer. Roll the Ball® game – Slide Puzzle is classified as one of the most popular brain teasers android games. When viewed through the Google PlayStore, it has been downloaded 1 million times. Now the Roll the Ball game can be played via an Android or iOS based smartphone.

The challenge that Roll the Ball® game presents – slide puzzle is actually simple but quite draining the brain. Where players are asked to roll the ball. Along with connecting the pipes properly. After all the pipes are connected, the ball will roll until the finish follows the path.

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5. Aa Game


Aa Game is one of the best quality brain teasers android games slot online. The graphic animation that is presented is also quite simple. The way to play this game is simply by tapping the numbers at the bottom.

Then each of these numbers will enter the circle in the middle. As the level increases, the player will be faced with new challenges. Aa Game encourages players to focus on strategy in order to win the match.



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