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The Development of Online Casinos in the Digital Gambling World

Today online gambling is indeed something that is sought after and played by various betting lovers. Several types of online gambling do have many advantages that benefit their users. One of these types of gambling is online casino. The development of online casinos is indeed quite rapid in the digital world.

The development of online casinos has brought about many changes in the systems used in casino gaming itself. Casino was originally only played in gambling houses that were widely available in big cities. Casino at that time provided the satisfaction of playing because it had machines that made its players interested.

In various countries where gambling is legal, land-based casinos are able to provide a high income tax for the state. They impose this tax of up to 50 percent. Wow, quite a lot, yes.

However, currently the development of online casinos is more rapid and provides many advantages for the players themselves. How are the developments in this online casino? Come on, take a look at the following reviews!


History of the Emergence of Casino Games

In the early days of casinos, this game was limited to a few points. They developed a casino by setting up a game device in a gambling house. It is estimated that this game appeared in the 19th century. But other evidence suggests that casinos themselves have appeared in Ancient Egyptian civilization. After that, it spread to the Italian region.

History records the development of this casino game still using simple tools and of course not using an online system. Egypt built a special place in the form of a large stage where the aristocrats at that time could have entertainment there. The entertainment provided at that time was parties, festival celebrations, and also gambling.

The Beginning of Casino Entering Europe

After that, the development of this casino game began to be brought to Europe. It is estimated that casinos began to enter Europe in 1630. One of the oldest places to become a casino area is Venice. There is one of the first gambling houses in Europe named Ridotto, this gambling house only operates during the carnival.

In 1770, Venice then forced Ridotto to close because it was claimed that it could cause bankruptcy to the aristocrats. At that time, the aristocrat began to be addicted to gambling so that this gambling house was considered to have a bad impact.

Casino games also reached America at that time. There this gambling house is known as the Saloons. This casino is visited by many cowboys. In addition, casinos that are developing in America are also a gathering place for cowboys from 4 states. These four states are San Francisco, Chicago, St Louis, and New Orleans.

In the early 20th century, this gambling practice was then banned by the government because it had a significant negative impact. They then force close the Saloons. The development of the casino then continues even though it is still offline, not online. Then the development of offline and online casinos began to shed some light in 1931.

This year the casino was allowed to operate. They re-opened casinos in various cities that were deemed strategic for the construction of this gambling house.

The Development of Online Casinos in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the countries that prohibits gambling in any form. This gambling game is prohibited according to law because it is not in accordance with the values ​​and morals of the Indonesian people. However, in the past, casinos were allowed to develop and legally operate in some cities.

The legalization of this casino occurred during the reign of governor Ali Sadikin in DKI Jakarta. In the 1980s, casinos were allowed to operate because they were deemed capable of providing high taxes and increasing local income. This policy of course caused controversy from various parties.

Several gambling casinos that were widely developed at that time were in the lower floor area of ​​the Sarinah Building, Central Jakarta, at Petak Sembilan (PIX), West Jakarta, and in Hai Lai, Ancol. The development of this casino is still using the offline system and not online. Of course this casino then became crowded and visited by many gambling lovers from various regions.

However, this policy did not last long because it received a lot of protests, especially from religious groups. Then Ali Sadikin dissolved various casinos that were developing in Jakarta at that time. After being disbanded, this casino operated illegally and in secret. They still carry out gambling game transactions even though they were secretly in the 1990s.

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World Famous Casino

Source : Slot Server

Several casinos in various countries have legalized gambling as a commodity that plays an important role in contributing to state revenue.

In addition, the foreign exchange that comes from international gambling players who come to this country also supports a fairly high income. So it’s no wonder some of these countries legalize gambling, including online casinos. But the bad result is that some people become addicted to gambling.

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Big Casinos in the World

Several countries that have legalized casinos include the United States, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Italy, and several other countries in the European region. With the legalization obtained, this casino later became famous and big to the point that it was called an icon of the city concerned.

Several types of casinos that are famous in the world include Casino Porte (Macau, China), Tusk Rio Casino Resort (Klerksdrop, South Africa). There is also Foxwoods Resorts Casino (Ledyard, Connecticut), MGM Grand Las Vegas (Las Vegas, USA). While the largest casino in the world is The Venetian Macao (Macau, China).

Meanwhile, several types of casinos that are well-known in Europe can be found in several regions of the Netherlands, for example in Amsterdam, The Hague (Scheveningen) and Rotterdam. One of the casinos that is quite crowded there is Holland Casino.

The development of the casino which is quite famous and large in the world has also encouraged the realization of online gaming. They think that online casinos have more advantages than land-based casinos even though they have a different sensation of playing.

The Emergence of Online Casinos

The development of online casinos began to appear around 1994. At this time, the existence of the internet was being developed a lot. This internet development also then penetrated the casino world to become an online game.

At that time, one of the leading gaming companies, namely Microgaming, provided information that they were the first to develop this type of online casino. Microgaming is indeed a well-known gaming industry, so it’s no wonder this company has become a leader in technology matters.

Meanwhile, other reports emerged that another gaming industry, Cryptologic, also said that they were the company that founded online casinos that offer free credit link.

The development of the online casino they are doing is on the inter casino site. This Inter casino is still around today.

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Big Role of Microgaming and Cryptologic

These two companies provide sizeable casino gaming milestones. Both microgaming and Cryptologic are the starting points for online casinos to be able to experience developments today. Both of them also introduced the concept of online betting that can be accessed through real money.

Meanwhile, the development of online casinos in Indonesia began to bloom in the 2005s. At this time, Indonesia was just starting to get acquainted with the use of the internet. So don’t be surprised if online casinos have just started entering this year.

Gambling games themselves in Indonesia are one of the games that are strictly prohibited. This is regulated in regulations and laws with the threat of severe penalties.

However, there are still many adults and children playing online gambling and operating online casino sites illegally.

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The development of casinos in Indonesia, even though it is illegal, has a huge number of enthusiasts. The number even reached millions of players. Usually these online casino players are dominated by adults and they spend 5 hours playing.

Development of Game Types in Online Casinos

Several types of games in online casinos have something in common with casinos in general. The system and rules in it are also the same, the only difference is the digitization system that is in the casino itself.

The types of games in the online casino are also made in such a way as to make it easier for people to play. In addition, online casinos also have an attractive visual appearance to play so that players don’t feel bored.

What are the most popular games in online casinos? Here’s the list.


Bingo is a gambling game that runs by matching the number on the player’s card. Usually the cards used consist of 5 x 5 matrices, in which each column they are represented by the letters BINGO. There is one section that is left blank. This blank column is usually the one placed in the middle.

How to play it is quite easy. When players have formed a certain pattern, for example straight horizontally, vertically, or diagonally they will shout ‘bingo!’. Then the card will be checked whether it is correct or not.

Game Baccarat

The next popular game is baccarat. This game has 3 betting options. These options are player, tie, and banker. Players simply place their bets on the table, then the dealer will distribute 2 cards to the banker. While the rest is given to players.

The next card will be dealt again when playing. The way to play is when the cards total more than 10, then the value of 10 will be discarded. For example a player gets a card with a value of 9 + 3 = 12, then the value becomes 2.

A card that will number 10 will be counted as 0 or Baccarat. The winning card will later be higher than 2 and whoever will later place the bet for the appropriate winnings.

Wheel of Fortune (The Big Six)

The development of online casinos has also brought this game into existence. Usually the bet will be placed on one of the symbols provided. Then the wheel will be turned. When the wheel stops rotating, it will show the 2 pins listed.

If the needle that stops on these two pins is the symbol on which the bet is placed, then the player is declared the winner. But, if the needle shows the other side, then it is declared a loser.

Casino Games: Keno

Keno is a lottery game in the casino world. The player will then get cards numbered 1 to 80. Later the player is asked to take 20 numbers and must place a bet. The card will then be registered and the match will begin.

The clerk will then announce 20 random numbers. The player also tries to match as many numbers as possible and later the numbers match and will be called by the caller.

The more matches that you get on this number, the higher the number of wins the player will receive from their bet.

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Pai Gow Poker

This game is played between the player against the dealer. The dealer will issue 7 cards that are used for the player and himself in a game rotation. Everyone will then look at their cards and will try to pull out the best 5 cards and also the 2 poker cards.

Later the best 5 cards must be able to have a level that must be higher than 2 poker cards. Then the player card will be compared with the dealer’s card. And if the two types of cards beat the dealer’s card, then the player wins. And if the two types of cards are lower in value than the dealer, then the player will lose.


This game is a game at a casino that uses chips in betting. These chips are placed on the betting table as a substitute for money. Each player can then place his bet between numbers such as 2, 3, 4 or 5 and is also allowed to cross the bet between additional betting fields.

When it has determined which point to choose, the dealer will start rolling the ball. If the ball hits the number placed, the player will win. However, if you miss, it is stated as a form of defeat.

Slot Machines

An online casino game that is quite popular and has a pretty good development is slots. This game is a classic type of game that is easy to play. The player will be asked to insert a coin into the slot and turn the lever. When the loop stops, it will show the symbol.

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Blackjack (21)

Blackjack is a card game played between bookies as well as players. The dealer will distribute 2 cards that are used for the player and himself. The dealer only has 1 card face up and also 1 card that will be face down and cannot be opened yet.

The players will then take turns trying to get a number as close to 21 as possible without going over that value. In the same game as Baccarat, the Ace card itself has a value of 1 or 11 depending on the rules run by the dealer.


Craps is a type of online casino game that uses dice with a value of 7. Players are required to place their bets on the table that has been provided and there are many fields to bet on.

Bet types such as Pass Line are the main focus of this game. Some of the rules in craps games are the same as offline games. The type most commonly found in online craps games is the series 7 dice.

Poker Online

The game of poker is one of the most popular types of games in gambling. The development of poker in the world of online casino shows that poker still exists among other games. Here, the game of poker has a way of playing like poker in general.

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Players will be dealt 5 cards. This term came to be referred to as the 5 card hand game. Some of the terms in online poker include Pair, High Card, Two Pair, Three of a Kind, Flush, Royal flush, Straight, Full House, Four of a Kind, and also Straight Flush.

The type of online poker game itself has several variations. These variations include 5-Card Draw, 5-Card Stud, Omaha Hold’em, Razz, Texas Hold’em, Pineapple and also 7-Card Stud.

Very interesting isn’t it? Happy playing.


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