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Dragon’s Fire Megaways Slot Review: Bonuses, Paylines, RTP & Reels

Few slot machines have garnered as much interest in the Red Tiger brand as the company’s renowned 2018 release Dragon’s Fire, which it still does today. Not only is Dragon’s Fire Megaways Slot stunning to look at, but it also has a strong track record of success, as evidenced by innumerable Youtube uploads and forum screenshots.

If anyone was ever in any question, Casumo’s monthly blog articles of the best-performing slots, where it has been mentioned in the January, February, and June editions, helped it further establish itself as a top player.

Therefore, Dragon’s Fire Megaways Slot must have been a no-brainer when the question of which games to be given the Megaways treatment arose at the Red Tiger headquarters. There are a few issues with Dragon’s Fire Megaways that need to be addressed before we get into Red Tiger’s third Megaways release. These issues may slightly ruin the magic for certain players.

Opening the hood to inspect the hardware reveals an unexpected fact: the 95.72% RTP is the same as Golden Leprechaun Megaways, which we just evaluated. With a win potential of 10,470x for the dragon and 10,479x for the leprechaun, they are also virtually equal.

This may be a coincidence, but we don’t believe it is, thus it’s more likely that both slots were designed using the same mathematical framework. It’s just a slot dork remark, not in any way a deal-breaker.

More technical information is provided below. Dragon’s Fire Megaways Slot uses a 6-reel setup that can produce up to 117,649 ways to win and adds some new features in addition to all the good stuff from the original, like the Fire Blast feature.

Which can be randomly triggered and add up to 4 wilds or 2 scatters to the reels, and the Dragon’s Egg Multiplier, which can boost winning combinations by 50x. You might be in for an exciting session if you also add a Dragon’s Eye Boost that can increase your payouts even further and free spins feature with a lot of potentials.

Dragon’s Fire Megaways Slot picks up where it left off in the dragon’s lair and heads back there once more. The armored monster still stands guard over the reels, ready to strike at any spin should you try to look inside his vault. And where we left it, that seductive fiery egg of his is still there.

A variety of dragon eggs and four premium dragon symbols, including the golden dragon, which pays out five times your wager for six on a complete payline, can be found on the shiny reels. However, the dragon’s eye is the most profitable symbol, paying out 50 times your wager for six of a type. The flame is the wild; it can replace all other symbols and can be found on all reels.


Dragon’s Fire Megaways Slot: Features

So grab onto your hat because there are a ton of features to go over. But first and foremost, this is a slot that uses the Megaways game engine. It indicates that regardless of how many symbols appear on each reel, every spin in this game awards a random number of winning ways (between 2 – 7). 

Additionally, winning combos are destroyed and replaced with new symbols, giving you the possibility to win multiple times from a single spin.

But in Dragon’s Fire Megaways Slot, the Fire Blast feature is the first “true” feature. The dragon’s ability to breathe fire into the reels and ignite up to three of them occurs at random. From then, up to 4 wilds on each of the three reels or, if only two reels are lit up, 2 scatter symbols, for an improved chance to trigger the bonus, may be revealed.

The Dragon’s Egg Multiplier follows, and it is activated after each succeeding winning spin. With each succeeding consecutive win, the egg multiplier rises by 1 until it reaches a maximum of 50x, and on a losing spin, it drops back to zero. The Dragon’s Eye Boost may also activate on any successful spin, increasing the Dragon’s Egg Multiplier by up to 10x.

A minimum of three scatter symbols must be visible to start the Free Spins round, so keep an eye out for them. When you do, three dragon symbols will appear in front of you, and you must choose one of them to reveal a random number of free spins.

The multiplier amount is now carried over into the bonus, where it will continue to rise regardless of any dead spins if the Dragon’s Egg Multiplier was active during the triggering spin. Furthermore, the egg multiplier will always rise by 1 with each victory cascade and will never reset throughout the game. The active multiplier is carried over back into the base game when the round has been completed.

Oh, and the Dragon’s Kindness feature can also assist you in triggering the bonus; when two scatter symbols are visible, the dragon may haphazardly breathe fire on the reels to add additional scatter symbols. Read more here for my review of the immortal romance slot, which has pretty much the same features and gameplay as the Dragon’s Fire.


Dragon’s Fire Megaways Slot: Verdict

Since Dragon’s Fire is one of Red Tiger’s best titles, we were first thrilled to learn that there will be a Megaways version of the game. What could go wrong with megaways and fire-breathing dragons? Well, after getting the chance to side-by-side compare the two, things just don’t appear to make much sense.

First of all, it’s upsetting to find that all versions have the same win potential, especially since we’ve grown accustomed to the Megaways concept elevating things to a new level. When the fixed 20 might achieve the same grandeur, you have to ask what the point of having all those thousands of paylines is.

The playtime is certainly extended by the Megaways engine and its cascading reels, but even so. The RTP problem is another issue. Even more absurd than our initial criticism, the RTP in the Megaways version is marginally lower than the original, which might be a deal-breaker for savvy gamers despite the seemingly inconsequential difference.

We had such high hopes for Dragon’s Fire Megaways Slot, but we have to admit that it will be difficult to overlook these “flaws”. There is no denying that Dragon’s Fire Megaways has the highest entertainment value, but regrettably, overall it feels like a wholly missed opportunity. 

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