How to Get More Customers

How to get more customers. Businesses need to proactively seek Growth. The previous statements make sense. Yet too often businesses would jump...

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How to Get More Customers

How to get more customers. Businesses need to proactively seek Growth. The previous statements make sense. Yet too often businesses would jump into action to manage “challenges” in the marketplace instead of developing or capitalizing on those challenges.

Businesses need to actively pursue growth, not change from the difficulties. New opportunities always come with challenges of their own. The challenge lies in how those new opportunities are taken advantage of.

Watch the integration process

As you look around the workforce, what are some issues that are unresolved? What are businesses doing or not doing to get around those issues? Who is involved in the process and how is that person doing/not doing? These are all different sorts of issues that employees face.

How is where the process looks? Is there adequate follow up? Who is communicating? These are the sorts of issues that businesses take the time to address. This process allows for new, not resolved, opportunities to be uncovered.

What needs to be done next

Where do the gaps appear between what needs to be done and what the business wants done? What are these gaps costing? Think about the time and money these spent without resolution.

How does this impact the bottom-line? This is what they prefer to do with their businesses. This is one area that if addressed, will impact what they are prepared to “do”.

How to Get More Customers

Stop over-paying their suppliers

“Wow, I don’t understand that one.” As a business, you take your pieces and make it fit together. This would be a pretty complex dynamic if it wasn’t for one issue. When buyers have too many issues they are trying to resolve, they don’t see what to do.

The sales teams take about the issues the buyers is trying to resolve. This leads to those buyers saying “I just don’t want to work with you now because I have so many other issues fixed.” This is a complete cop out.

Stop thinking this way. Partner with companies who have similar issues to help resolve them with one partner. This will mean going outside the company for support.

You could have a smaller team that is solely tasked to support the other partner. It is important to always have some sort of partner relationship a win for both. These relationships in effect be understand and acknowledge within the business.

Stop doing more with less

True over-investment is a challenge for any business. If you are doing more with less, at what point is the prioritization system taken, usually not until the money is leaking?

Companies are so comfortable with the waste of over investment that they are playing to their own quarterly AAP. Suppose they should have figured that one out before they set in motion their growth by being over committed.

They think that they need to use their cash for growth and consumption, which is not what an investment budget requires. If the economy is slow, they are giving money away. This is not a strategy that will facilitate growth. Make this a focus upon the budget review, create yourself capability here, don’t go.

Focus on improved quality

This is a very easy one. Take a close look at your company today, review what is happening on the sales front, the production side, and get a true analysis of where business is coming from.

Are the vendors good? Do they deliver on time or do they really? What do you see happen over the long haul with them? Write this down, pay attention to it, and get every department involved in the evaluation.

Take a close look at your asset

Companies are familiar with the concept of capital expenditure. The purpose of spending, as you discuss it with sales, is twofold.

You need to evaluate what you are getting for your spend and identify other opportunities or cost reductions. Doing this with your asset management can be very low, tactical purposes only.

Success sight of what your asset make-up is a great key to success. Companies need to look at inventory on hand, gross margins, reorder points, receivables, and overall their control of assets.

Stay focused on revenues, not costs

This one we have said over and over. Relax your cardinal rule of cost cutting. McDonalds is a really great example of this, but that is besides the point. Put your GAAP aside, and focus on getting more customers, promoting the culture, building loyalty, generating leads, and ensuring return visits.

Think of the problems you have to overcome when additional companies appear to want business, or talk to competitors.

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