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First Online Casino TV Show

First Online Casino TV Show tell about Casino Hacks

Online casino fans can now indulge themselves, because there is now a perfect solution to share their passion for video slots, online blackjack, roulette and baccarat. Casino Hacks(dot)com is launching the world’s first online casino TV show for online players from over the world.

The new online casino partner combines the successes of MTV, Top Gear and Late-Night Talk Shows with casino gaming entertainment. Casino targets millions of online casino fans around the world and has already partnered with some of the major online casino operators and casino games suppliers.

First Online Casino TV Show : What are the Best Casino Hacks

Casino Hacks always wants to go the extra mile, so they want to offer more than just providing information about casinos and providing reviews about casino games. Of course, much has been written about gambling and online casino operators.

So Hacks thought it was time to revive it and offer it as live TV entertainment as first online casino TV show in the world. The Casino Hacks Show is packed with casino news, interviews and entertaining contests. 

Which makes it much more fun for gambling enthusiasts around the world to choose from some of the best casinos and bonus offers in the world.

What CEO Says about First Online Casino TV Show

Clas Dahlén, the CEO, or “The Sales Guy,” as he prefers to be called, says:

“Casino Hacks is here because we believe that online casino players all over the world deserve a higher standard of live entertainment. Looking for tips, advice and great casinos and the best bonuses shouldn’t be like going through the Yellow Pages We believe that this part of the casino experience should reflect all the fun and action one can expect from an first online casino TV show today.

“It is now my mission to market and sell this great website. I will be a sales oriented CEO who will introduce our excellent service to the casino players and ensure that the content is entertaining. That is my full time job!

“On the operator side, we thought it was time to do something new in the affiliate industry, creating new energy and with great design, broadcasting and all the fun entertainment.

“The Show reveals the latest online casino news, broadcasting casino reviews, new slots and interviews with interesting people from the industry such as the top Twitchers. The daily show will, of course, continue to run fun and rewarding competitions.”

First Online Casino TV Show : Swedish Casino Hacks

Swedish Casino Hacks(dot)com was founded by a close-knit team of former gamblers, producers, marketing & SEO experts, including former executives from MTV, Mr Green, Bethard, Raketech, Pokerstars and Metal Casino who are also passionate online casino enthusiasts.

Casino Hacks is owned by White Crane Holdings Ltd and is the world’s first online casino affiliate to embrace TV-driven entertainment and casino enthusiasts. Players will be able to win judi qq bonuses, cash drops, merchandise, concert tickets, travel and more. / Dy

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