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The Breakdown for Betting on Football College Schedule 2022

Football College schedule 2022 is nearly coming. The College Football Playoff is in its 8th season, and we’ve already seen Clemson and Alabama battle for the national championship three times. The Crimson Tide and Bulldogs will meet for the second time on the gridiron.

This game will be packed with action, and the stakes are stronger than ever. Here’s how to wager on the 2022 CFP National Championship game between Georgia and Alabama.


The Matchup Breakdown about Football College Schedule 2022

During the 2018 national championship, these 2 put on a display that went into overtime. The Crimson Tide came back to win 26-23, delivering Saban his 6th national championship.

Last season, Alabama won its eighth national championship, and they are on the verge of repeating as winners this season. They come into this battle with a long list of accomplishments for the SEC.

The contest is interesting because it pits Nick Saban against Kirby Smart, his former assistant. Saban is 24-1 versus his previous assistants, with the exception of Jimbo Fisher and Texas A&M, who he lost to this season. Will Saban’s record be blemished by a second defeat?

Below are your top strengths and shortcomings for each SEC national championship squad.

Football College Schedule
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In Georgia

In this game, the Bulldogs’ defense is exceptional, and they can dominate on that side of the ball. Bryce Young had his way with Georgia’s secondary, but without John Metchie, things will be difficult.

We saw how cautious they were against Cincinnati, however, that won’t be enough against Georgia’s strong defense. Metchie and Jameson Williams exposed the secondary in the previous encounter. 

The only way to have a chance of moving the ball on Georgia is to do so. Their defensive backfield is devoid of great playmakers, which the Tide exploited in their previous battle.

The Ranking Number

The Georgia defense had been outstanding heading into the game, and they showcased their muscles against Michigan. They needed some momentum going into their game against Alabama, and the way they destroyed Michigan was exactly what they needed.

These figures are outstanding, and if they can put pressure on the Heisman winner, they may be able to maintain their position atop the rankings.

  • No 2 – Total Defense: 259.1 yards per game 
  • No 1 – Scoring Defense: 9.6 points per game
  • No 5 – Pass Defense: 177.3 yards per game
  • No 3 – Run Defense: 81.9 yards per game

Those are incredible numbers, and they were backed up by Michigan. It was critical to keep the Wolverines under 100 yards rushing, but Hassan Haskins was taken out of the game plan.

The best player in the country, who demolished Ohio State and Iowa, was stifled. Cade McNamara was entrusted with the game. He was unable to deliver against a suffocating defense that suffocated Michigan’s backfield.

In Alabama

The Crimson Tide may not have had the greatest talented team in the Nick Saban era, however, that has only added to the program’s success this season.

What makes them so dangerous is their capacity to score on any given play. They were able to strike early and often against Georgia in the SEC championship game, and they can do so again.

Bryce Young, a Heisman Trophy winner, will return to school for one more season before being a strong contender for the top choice in the 2023 NFL Draft. He’ll have a chance to win the Heisman Trophy again.

Jameson Williams is one of the best wideouts in the country, and the Georgia secondary will have to pay close attention to him. If he can even come close to torching them like he did in the SEC title game, we could be in for another unforgettable performance.


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For those that stick to college football, the Football College schedule 2022 national championship is the final game of the year. There aren’t many games with greater action than the Super Bowl and a few playoff meetings.

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