What is Football Studio Game

It is a live card game that combines with football betting. The football studio game is perfect for the real football fan because the dealers also talk about football. They provide live commentary on the football match from the Evolution Football Studio.

During the game, you can also chat live about football with the dealers and the other players via the chat window. Football Studio was designed for the 2018 World Cup in France. This game is sometimes also offered under the name Top Card.

Football Studio is a very fast-paced card game that is deliberately kept very simple. It focuses on really important football matches such as La Liga, the Premier League and the Champions League.

During the game, the dealer will provide live commentary on the match. However, it is not the case that you can watch the football match live on your screen.


Playing Football Studio Game

It is like with almost all live games, at Football Studio Game you also start by placing a bet. You get the following three options, such as Home, Off, Draw.

After that, the dealer will place two open cards on the table. During the card game, a football match is played. The dealer, meanwhile, will also comment on the match in the style of a football commentator.

Furthermore, the commentator will draw a card from the deck and place it in the “Home” box. He does this again, but the second card is placed in the ‘Away’ box. The card with the highest value wins.


If you are going to bet on a match between Liverpool and Manchester City, you must first place a bet. Are you betting on a win for Liverpool? Then you win if the card for Liverpool has a higher value than the card for Manchester City. You will then be paid four euros.

For Home and Away you get paid once your bet. If you bet on ‘Draw’, you assume that two cards of the same value will be drawn. If this is also the case, you will be paid 11 times your bet.

Basically, Football Studio is an easy higher/lower card game. It is better to bet on Away or Home because the payout percentage is then 96.27%. If you bet on a draw, you will be paid 11 times your stake, but the payout percentage drops to 89.64%, which is not that much. This means that the house edge for the casino is 10.36%, which is very disadvantageous for the player.

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Football Studio Game : Live Play

You will not see live images of the football match on your screen. You can only listen to the commentary that is given.

And then, you will see live images of the table and the dealer dealing the cards. Your screen also shows an overview of the previous football match and the match that is currently in progress.

Evolution Gaming also provides a handy chat function that you can use to ask questions or chat about the match. You also notice that this software provider has a great eye for detail. For example, the gaming table on which the cards are dealt resembles a real football field.

Football Studio Game Verdict

Football Studio game is a great fun online casino game for players who like speed and simplicity and are interested in all things football.

It is very nice to be able to chat with your fellow players and the dealers about your favorite sport during the game and of course even better if you can win a card game in the meantime.

However, you should not expect real high-quality commentary. The dealers are mostly young men from Latvia with fairly limited football knowledge. You also notice that they have been instructed to always remain positive. So they will never give their own unvarnished opinion and respond to the emotional reactions of the players. Keep in mind a low payout percentage of 89.64% when you bet on Draw.


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