Gambling Cases that Drag the Names of Public Figures

Gambling is indeed a topic of endless discussion. There are always cases or scandals about gambling that not only ordinary people can experience. They, public figures , cannot escape from the snare of gambling as is usually offered on gambling sites. Like a series of scandals & gambling cases that drag the names of the following public figures .


The Gambling Cases that Drag Nikita Mirzani


Who does not know this controversial artist. At the end of 2019, Nikita Mirzani, or commonly called Niki, was involved in a series of scandals & online gambling cases. This case first appeared after a report from a man who claimed to be an advocate named Daniel Heri Pasaribu. 

Daniel reported Niki because Niki was suspected of advertising online gambling through his Instagram account. He deliberately made an endorsement which reportedly contained gambling content. According to Daniel, Niki has clearly violated Article 27 of the ITE Law. Anyone who violates this article can be subject to a prison sentence of 6 years or a fine of 1 billion in cash.

The Polda Metro Jaya responded to Daniel’s report. As part of the investigation, Daniel was also questioned for 3 hours by the Polda Metro Jaya investigation team. 

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Jokowi Watch’s Support for Daniel’s Actions

It seems that Daniel’s report has the full support of Tigor Doris Sitorus or familiarly called Bang Tigor. He really hopes that this case will be investigated thoroughly so that there will be no more gambling practices in our society. 

Bang Tigor also expressed his opinion that Niki could be a resource to uncover various cases related to gambling agents who are still free to run their business in Indonesia.

Bang Tigor at the same time wanted the police to break the many assumptions circulating in the community. He said that most of the people considered that there were many elements from the police who were backing the betting agents in Indonesia. 

This assumption arises because of the prevalence of gambling in Indonesia; as if there was an omission from the police. So, through this case, at least it can be a means of proving that the police are ‘clean’ from the gambling business intervention. 

The Dinar Candy’s Gambling Cases

The name DJ Dinar Candy may not be too familiar, except for those of you who like the EDM music genre. Dinar Candy has recently returned viral after being dragged into gambling case that caught him. At first someone reported this beautiful DJ for one of the contents on his Instagram account. The reporter said that the endorsement conducted by DJ Dinar Candy contained elements of gambling.

DJ Dinar Candy himself doesn’t know anything about the gambling cases that dragged his name. Even when asked for an explanation by the police, he admitted that what he had done was just an ordinary endorsement . 

DJ Dinar Candy also emphasized that he had absolutely no idea that the online soccer game he was promoting was actually gambling. The reason is, he was only asked to promote the soccer games from the advertiser. The party who asked him to do an endorsement did not inform anything related to gambling.

As a result of the case he is currently facing, it has been a few days since DJ Dinar Candy could use his ATM card. Apparently his ATM card had been blocked by the police. After following the advice of the bank to take care of blocking his ATM card, Dinar then immediately visited the police. From here he just learned that his ATM blockage apparently had something to do with a gambling endorsement case.

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Indonesian Idol Stars, Delon and His Gambling Cases


There are also gambling cases that befell Indonesian artists. This time the artist in question is a handsome musician who was none other than the first batch of Indonesian Idol runner-up . Yep, who else if not Delon Thamrin.

Delon’s name suddenly went viral after he was officially sued for divorce by his wife, Yeslin Wang. Initially Yeslin said the cause of his divorce was due to incompatibility. However, new facts finally came to light. The fact is that the cause of the divorce of this beautiful couple is gambling. 

Through his attorney, Yeslin stated that he could no longer stand Delon’s hobby of gambling. Apart from not being given physical and mental support, Yeslin also regretted Delon’s attitude that he owed money only to get capital to play gambling.

Another fact that is no less surprising from the series of scandals & gambling cases that dragged Delon Thamrin’s name is that Delon has to bear a debt of approximately 1 billion. Because he did not have enough assets to pay off his debt, Yeslin ended up using his savings to pay Delon’s debt. He now has no more savings.

Delon-Yeslin is a very good match. The two of them decided to say the holy promise after only 3 months of their dating. A year after getting married, Yeslin found out that Delon’s passion is gambling. Most of the time he spent gambling. Don’t be imitated, guys. 

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The YG Entertainment’s Gambling Cases


This gambling case is probably the biggest case. Why? Besides being constantly blow-up continuously by K-Pop fans, who are currently very massive in number, this case also involves important YG Entertainment people, including the CEO of YG Entertainment and one of its artists, Seungri, a former member of BingBang.

The YG Entertainment gambling cases has always been a concern because indeed many K-Pop lovers from around the world have followed the development of this case. This case was first revealed when a number of YG Entertainment transaction data were found in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. 

This transaction later became authentic evidence of gambling activities carried out by the CEO of YG Entertainment and two other people, including Seungri. The funds used as a bankroll are the money produced by YG Entertainment artists. These funds were obtained from concert tours , including the YG Entertainment boysband-girlsband concert tour abroad. 

This data shows various transactions in detail, including the amount of funds used, the intensity of gambling, details of the amount of funds used to play gambling once, how many times to win gambling, and how many times to lose gambling.

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YG Entertainment’s ‘Hwaching’ method

The YG Entertainment gambling case went viral after a team investigating new facts regarding the methods used by YG Entertainment to profit from gambling. This method is called ‘hwaching’ which is a new method in which gambling players use foreign currency illegally. YG Entertainment apparently carried out its gambling action by depositing money in Won with the ‘hwaching’ provider. 

YG Entertainment then receives money in United States dollars from various dealers for winning gambling. With this method, of course YG Entertainment will receive a much bigger income. 

This gambling case also dragged YG Entertainment CEO’s sibling, Yang Min-suk. Whereas previously Yang Min-suk had also been involved in several cases, such as cases of prostitution and tax evasion. 

Cha Tae-hyun and the Gambling Scandal in the 2 Days & 1 Night Whatsapp Group Chat


Another one of the many scandals & gambling cases involving South Korean celebrities. This time, Cha Tae-hyun and several fellow celebrities were the suspects. Cha Tae-hyun was involved in gambling in 2016. 

Many fans did not think that Cha Tae-hyun was proven to be involved in the gambling case. The reason is, Cha Tae-hyun has a good image and has almost no haters . Apart from Cha Tae-hyun, there are also several other celebrity names who have been immersed in the world of gambling. Call it Andy Shinwa, Tony Ahn HOT, Lee Soo-geun, Kim Yong-man, and Kim Joon-ho. They are senior celebrities who averaged their careers and topped their careers between 2014-2016. 

There are also other cases that were revealed from the artist’s Whatsapp chat group. Seungri, for example, is known to have been involved in a prostitution case. There is also the name Jung Joon-young who once spread his sex videos with his partner on purpose and without his partner’s permission. Finally, there is Choi Jong-hoon who once bribed one of the police officers so that the police would ‘help him’ to take care of a drunk driving case. 

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Illegal Gambling That Dragged Japanese Badminton Athlete, Kento Momota


You badminton lovers must be very familiar with this Japanese badminton athlete. Kento Momota is a Japanese men’s singles badminton player who is currently ranked No.1 in the world according to BWF data. 

This 26-year-old athlete is indeed known for being skillful and tenacious when playing the shuttlecock with his racket. Several times he has won the prestigious badminton tournament beating other great singles players including our son’s singles player, Jonathan Christie. Finally, he was defeated by another of our sons, namely Anthony Sinisuka Ginting, but with fierce and sporty resistance. 

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Momota’s Involvement in an Illegal Gambling Cases with Kenichi Tago

If you remember the illegal gambling cases that dragged the name Kento Momota, we, as badminton sports lovers, would feel sad and disappointed. But there is nothing wrong with discussing it a little as a reminder that gambling is destroying the career as experienced by Momota. 

The gambling cases that dragged the names of Kento Momota and Kenichi Tago first appeared after an investigation by two media in Japan. Several times Tago and Kento were seen playing illegal gambling at a casino.

Then, in an official conference organized by the Japanese badminton federation on March 8, 2016, Kenichi Tago and Kento Momota deeply regretted confessing the disgraceful behavior of Japanese badminton.

Both of them apologized for breaking the trust and hope of the Japanese public, especially those who fully support badminton. Kenichi Tago, with tears in his eyes, said that he was willing to resign from the badminton world after being proven involved in this illegal gambling cases.

Tago, still in tears, asked the public, the Japanese Ministry of Sports, and the Japanese badminton federation, to give Momota a chance so that he can continue to participate in the tournament of his dreams, namely the 2016 Olympics. 

Tago admits that he is very sorry that he didn’t stop Momota from visiting the casino. He realized that their actions could threaten their career. Hearing Tago’s statement, Momota could only look down, regretting what he had done. 

Sanctions Due to Kento Momota’s Illegal Gambling Scandal

As a result of the illegal gambling scandal that befell Kento Momot, the best Japanese athlete was forced to accept the sanctions imposed by the Japanese badminton federation. There are two sanctions that have been decided. First, Kento Momota was forced to drop out of the list of badminton athletes who left for Brazil to fight in the 2016 Olympics. Second, all allowances for Kento Momota were stopped.

Other Scandals Related to Athlete Kento Momota

Apparently there are other scandals besides this illegal gambling case. You badminton lovers must know about one of the scandals that we will share in this article. Those of you who don’t know and are curious about what scandals Kento Momota has experienced, let’s check the following information.

Kento Momota’s intimate photo scandal with a beautiful woman at a karaoke

Still in the same year as the year when the illegal gambling case committed by Momota was revealed; this time the public was stirred by the spread of a photo of someone who looked like Kento Momota kissing a beautiful woman. This man who looks like Momota is also seen holding an alcoholic drink bottle in one hand. 

Scandal Spend the Night with Compatriot, Yuki Fukushima

Yuki Fukushima is a Japanese badminton athlete from the women’s doubles sector. His name suddenly went viral after rumors emerged that he was spotted leaving Kento Momota’s room. This incident was recorded by CCTV in the dormitory building where Kento Momota lived. 

At that time there was a sudden visit from JADA (a special Japanese anti-dopping organization). The JADA team went to the athletes’ rooms one by one in the Japanese badminton federation’s dormitory. 

When he arrived at Fukushima’s room, the person concerned was not in the room. Shortly thereafter, from CCTV footage at another location, a woman who looked like Yuki Fukushima was seen sneaking out of Kento Momota’s room at 06.00 in the morning. 

Kento Momota‘s Career

Kento Momota is one of Japan’s best badminton athletes. He is currently the world’s best men’s singles athlete, according to the BWF (Badminton World Federation) ranking. Amid the age of 26 years, his achievements continue to creep up.

Kento Momota is known as a tough and hard-working athlete. The playing technique is also very good. This is evidenced by several achievements that have defeated several of the world’s best men’s singles players such as Lin Dan, Lee Chong Wei, Chen Long, Chou Tien Chen, Jonathan Christie, and Anthony Sinisuka Ginting. In fact, Kento Momota is included in the 5 players with the title of single king. son by BWF, apart from some of the names already mentioned above. 

To date, Kento Momota has collected approximately 20 titles consisting of 14 titles from the BWF World Tour event, 2 titles from the Grand Prix level event, and 4 titles from the Super Series level event. From this collection of titles, it seems very appropriate that Momota sits on the title of men’s singles king which was once held by 4 world badminton legends: Taufik Hidayat, Peter Gade, Lin Dan, and Lee Chong Wei.

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