Why is it So Hard to Stop Gambling?

Talking about gambling, the things that come to the minds of many people are always different. For ordinary people, gambling is harmful and a sin. For the government, gambling is a criminal act in some countries. But for gamblers, gambling is entertainment and a source of pleasure.

But whatever it is, one thing that everyone admits is that gambling is addictive and there are always questions that arise as to why is it so hard to stop gambling.

The pleasure of playing gambling – Why is it so hard to stop gambling

The sensation of being able to win a gambling game, the feeling of tension during the game and the desire to repeat the sensation are things that can overpower your sense. This is also one factor why is it so hard to stop gambling.

Nobody likes to lose at a game even for those who are addicted to gambling. But they will keep betting. People who are addicted to gambling often say that, even though they have lost a lot, there is always a feeling that makes them return to the card table or slot machine. And it also happened to slot online player and other online games like gaple online from Indonesian.

In a survey of 5,500 gamblers, the strongest factor that makes it difficult for them to leave gambling is that they still want to win big money. The following factors are because gambling is fun and because of the fun factor.

Games and engines are sometimes designed to keep players at ease. What they do is, for example, by offering substitute prizes such as additional credits or even after losing, the possibility of winning is greater than usually offered to players.

Finally, the findings of this study conclude that gambling is not always about winning or getting rich by gambling, but rather the betting process and other fun factors.

Gambling addiction cannot be explained simply. It is very interesting to see how the fun is related to the structure and style of the game. And even when gambling isn’t a problematic obsession, it’s still entertaining for those who go home with empty pockets.

May this article help you to understand why is it so hard to stop gambling. See you on the next article

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