How Many Casinos Are There in Lithuania Where People Can Bet?

We know, you are wondering about how many casinos are there in Lithuania. As a local or foreigner, you may be asking where the best place to bet is. Well, we will talk about it in this article so you can choose the most reputable casino after this. 

Before that, a casino is a place where people could gather to play games and gamble. In fact, there are so many people who have received the best winnings through casino games. In addition, people usually enjoy the games such as table games (poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette), slot machines, etc. 


How Many Casinos Are There in Lithuania Actually?

Only gambling at land-based casinos is now legal in Lithuania. On the territory of the country, there are 17 of them. Online gambling will be regulated, but this will not be a problem for players who use foreign casino sites that are fully available in Lithuania.

In addition, Olympic Casino, Tornado Casino, Nese Casino, and Nautilus Casino are the four licensees in charge of the casinos. American Roulette, Blackjack, various types of poker, and slot machines are among the casino’s offerings. Casinos are open 24/7 for players.

A Brief History of Casino in Lithuania

In Lithuania, gambling has a relatively recent history. When Lithuania was a part of the Soviet Union, gambling was practically non-existent. After Lithuania achieved independence in 1990, changes began to emerge gradually. 

Casinos and small amusement arcades are very popular. Gambling was legalized in Lithuania in 2001, and gambling operators could begin to open legal casinos on the country’s soil. 

There are currently 17 licensed casinos, which are owned by four different corporations. The largest is the Estonian company Olympic Casinos, which opened its first casino in Lithuania in Kaunas in 2004.

Legal Regulations in Lithuania

Only land-based gaming is currently regulated in Lithuania. Aside from that, no other type of gambling is regulated. There are now 17 land-based casinos in Lithuania, operated by four different companies. In 2001, gambling became regulated. 

In addition, the Act’s principal goal is to control gambling in the commercial benefits of casino games, which primarily include table games, slot machines (including slot machines in categories A and B), bingo, lottery, and betting. Private and public entities can apply for a casino license, and the required capital is 4,000,000 litas ($1.1 million).

The Licenses

Licenses are granted for an indefinite time period. According to the law, every ground casino must feature at least three game tables and 30 A-category slot machines (with unlimited winnings). After completing the necessary registration, people above the age of 21 may enter the casino. Self-exclusion from casinos has been possible at the request of the player since 2004.

The Age Requirement

Only people over the age of 21 are permitted to enter the casino, in order to protect Lithuanian gamers from the detrimental effects of gambling. A player’s registration is also required. If a player is concerned about developing a gambling addiction, they can withdraw from the casino.

Top Casino in Lithuania

If you are interested in playing casino games in Lithuania, we will give you some good places to visit. Yes, below are the best casinos that you can come to gamble at as long as you are in Lithuania. 

  • Olympic Casino
  • Nese Casino
  • Nese Pramogu Bankas
  • Nese Slots
  • Casino Admiral
  • Zigmo Zirgai

Now, you already know how many casinos are there in Lithuania, and pick the best place to gamble. Join other people to play daftar slot online casino games and get big winnings from every game. / Dy

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