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Kento Momota’s Gambling Habit and Other Scandals

Kento Momota’s Gambling Habit and Other Scandals – Those of you who claim yourself as a lovers of badminton, surely you know the name of this athlete, Kento Momota. The name Momota seems to be familiar to most of the Indonesian BL (Badminton Lovers). This athlete is very popular with Indonesian badminton fans because apart from being handsome, he is definitely very accomplished.  

The development of online casino has atrract so many people to play including some athletes. A few years ago, Kento Momota had a bad experience due to his gambling habit and series of other scandals that dragged his name.

As a true BL, of course you remember in great detail the beginning of the appearance of the casino dark gambling case involving Kento Momota. This case was revealed after an investigation was carried out by the Japanese police. From the results of this investigation, it was proven that two well-known Japanese badminton athletes had several times gambled in illegal casinos


Gambling Habit Case also Drag Kenichi Tago

Apparently Kenichi Tago is the name of another badminton athlete who took part in the illegal casino gambling case with Momota. It seems that both of them have bad gambling habit and often play illegal gambling there. Both admitted to playing illegal gambling as entertainment. And what makes them very sorry is that this action could threaten their career as an athlete.


And sure enough. In a press conference held in 2016, Tago admitted that he was very sorry that he had betrayed the hopes and trust of the Japanese public. He is fully aware that his bad gambling habit could threaten his career. Therefore he was willing to resign from the Japanese badminton world. 

With tears in his eyes, Kenichi Tago only hopes that the public and the Japanese badminton federation will give Momota the opportunity to participate in the tournament at the 2016 Olympics. For him, Momota was the best Japanese player at that time and deserved a golden opportunity to join this prestigious tournament.

Before this online casino gambling case happened, Kento Momota once said that he was very enthusiastic about taking part in the Olympics.

Becoming a champion at the 2016 Olympics was her dream since she was a child. With this motivation, Momota was training so hard. He is ready to compete against anyone in this tournament. However, it seems that this dream ran aground after he was proven to be playing illegal gambling.

Momota‘s Sex Scandals

It seems that 2016 was a bad year for Kento Momota. How could he not, in the same year he was caught several times and proven to be dragged into several scandals. Well, it seems that not many Indonesian BLs know about the scandals that have tarnished Momota’s good name. Curious? Let’s discuss it.

Spending a Night with a Beautiful Woman in a Karaoke

Again, Momota is hit by bad news. In addition to the illegal casino gambling case, apparently Momota was caught spending the night with a beautiful woman at a karaoke place. Not only that, there was a photo that was spread and was viral at that time. The photo shows a man who looks like Kento Momota is seen kissing the beautiful woman with one hand holding an alcoholic drink bottle. 

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When viewed from the characteristics of a karaoke place, the location of the karaoke place is in Sumida, Tokyo. After this news circulated, Kento Momota did not provide any information to the media crew who interviewed him. 

A Relationship Scandal with a Japanese Women’s Doubles Player, Fukushima

This one gossip seems to have been smelled by BL Indonesia for a long time. The news made our BL excited and shocked. This scandal certainly makes us, Indonesian BLs, wonder whether the two of them have a special relationship? Romance , for example? 


Reporting from one of the Japanese online news portals, Kento Momota reportedly spent the night with one of the Japanese women’s doubles badminton players, Yuki Fukushima. This news emerged after a sudden visit from JADA (a Japanese anti-doping organization) to the location of the Fukushima dorm room.

Apparently Fukushima was not in his room and what surprised JADA was when CCTV footage showed Fukushima sneaking out of Momota’s room at 6:00 a.m. I wonder what really happened, huh? 

Kento Momota’s Career

Sourced from the official BWF website, Kento Momota is currently ranked 1st in the world. This handsome 26 year old athlete has won 337 times during his entire career. One of his epic matches was when he fought the former world best player from China, Lin Dan. You BLs also of course still remember the fierce match of Momota vs Jojo (Jonathan Christie), which makes your heart feel like it will fall off.

In this match, Jojo had to admit Momota’s greatness. Anthony Sinisuka Ginting responded to Jojo’s defeat in the final against Momota. After the match, Momota admitted that he was very happy to be able to play against Ginting. For him, Ginting is an opponent on the field, as well as a friend outside the field. 

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