Maya U MAX Review (GONG Gaming) RTP RTP 95.69%

You must be looking for the Maya U MAX review before you play it at online casinos. GONG Gaming is a relative newcomer to the industry, yet they’ve already innovated and released their own mechanics. 

This game is the first slot machine to use this innovative mechanism, which involves a novel method of reel growth. It’s unclear whether this will become a popular mechanic, but for now, we can enjoy a Mayan-themed slot machine that uses it.


A Brief of Maya U MAX Review

Maya U MAX is a 5-reel slot with an expansion mechanism that increases the number of ways to win from 243 to 248,832 during free spins (15,552 during paid spins). The U MAX technology is used to power major features like free spins, wilds, and Toppers. In a slot with a 95.69% RTP, you’re chasing a 12,000x jackpot.

1. Wagering Options

Despite the high number of lines, Maya wagers do not require the same quantity of coins. The minimum necessary is $0.20, while the highest allowed is $12.

A slot gacor machine with medium-high volatility (4/5 rating) can payout up to $240,000 in a single spin, which translates to a return of up to 12,000x the bet. Unfortunately, the RTP is somewhat low, with a figure of 95.69% being quoted.

2. Game Features

There are 5 reels and 243 ways to win at first, but there are some exciting new ways to increase the gaming area. Toppers, full with symbols, will be placed on the top of the middle reels and can be dragged into the playing area by Magnets landing on the reels. 

The U Max logo is visible on these. The attracted symbols will descend to the positions occupied by magnets, where they will break into four smaller symbols. The number of possibilities to win rises since you get four new symbols instead of only one.

During paid spins, toppers will appear at the top of reels 2-4, and during free spins, they will appear above all five reels. Even though only the middle reels can extend in the base game, there are still 15,552 chances to win. You can win up to 248,832 ways during the free spins, although U Max symbols must appear in all areas first.

The 5 scatters on as many reels are required to unlock the 5 free spins. Each additional scatter that lands along the way earns you an extra spin. There’s also a Wild logo, and you can probably figure out what that does for the player. It’s a replacement that can come in handy in a slot with multiple possibilities to win.

3. Design and Theme

It’s a straightforward slot game with a Mayan theme, featuring a variety of gemstones (of various colors and forms) and Royals in the Mayan style. Add the U Max symbols as well, and the game’s icons are complete.

Final Thoughts

In the end of this Maya U MAX review, we appreciate the U MAX system, which we’re seeing in Maya for the first time. The game pays well enough and has entertaining features, but the low RTP will make it difficult to sell.

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