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Nightfall Push Gaming Review

Nightfall Push Gaming Review: RTP, Volatility, and Paylines

We know, you are seeking the Nightfall Push Gaming review, aren’t you? Well, the developer, in addition to exploring the cute side of life in games like Fat Rabbit and Fire Hopper, is also interested in things that are a little wilder, a little darker.

If you want to know more about these types of slots, you can read some of our online slot reviews. We had a taste of it in Fat Drac, and it’s back now in Nightfall, a slot game with a similar, though slightly darker, mood. 

Nightfall deviates from previous Push Gaming games in that it employs an interesting betting feature in which fireballs slam into blocks, delivering quick cash awards when they are destroyed, similarly to the Brick Breaker video game but with far bigger stakes.

The Best Nightfall Push Gaming Review

In the beginning, we mentioned Fat Drac. With the flights of bats passing above and its connection to vampirism, Nightfall has a semi-Thunderkick feel to it, as well as echoes of Baron Bloodmore. 

A charming Medieval-looking village stands in the background, lights flickering in houses as though the people are under the delusion of protection within their homes. Gothic is one way to describe Nightfall’s style. 

The risk is never directly stated, but the occult symbols, gargoyles, and overall dark atmosphere provide plenty of room for players to fill in the blanks with their imaginations. So, just like other gambling games, that are some aspects of the game that you need to be careful about. Knowing the betting rules is a must, so you know what to expect.

The visuals are good but not as impressive as we’ve come to expect from Push Gaming.

Nightfall Push Gaming Review

1. RTP, Volatility, and Paylines in The Game

The stone slabs that run along the top of the 5-reel, the 3-row game grid are more concrete. Every paid spin changes the slabs, and each block displays a bet multiplier. 

First, some numbers: the RTP varies, with the maximum being 96.36%. Push Gaming’s volatility has been reduced, getting a medium/high grade, while the 20,000x possibility is excellent, although small for these players.

In addition, Nightfall offers 20 fixed paylines to land winning combos of three or more of a kind on any device from c/p 10 to €/£100 per spin. The symbols used in the game are symbolic of the game as a whole; for example, one-time wins can be spectacular. 

The top-paying Gorgon-like symbol, for example, pays out 1,000x the bet for five-of-a-kind hits. The other three totemic animal symbols are less striking, but nevertheless decent, with lines of five paying 50-100x the stake. 

Finally, the low-paying card suits (diamonds, clubs, spades, and hearts), which all pay 5 times the bet for a five-card line.

2. Slot Features

The Fire Orb symbol in Nightfall is wild and scatter symbols, just as in an ancient ‘book of’ slot. Except for the standard Fireball Symbol and the Multiplier Fireball Symbol, it can appear on any reel and replace all other symbols except the regular Fireball Symbol and the Multiplier Fireball Symbol.


Before we get to the good things, let’s talk about Nightfall’s cascading mechanic. Each winning combination activates this feature, which removes the winning symbols from the reels and replaces them with new symbols. The cascade mechanism will continue to award prizes until no new combinations exist.

Fireballs and Fireball Multipliers

To earn prizes from the slabs above the reels, you’ll need these two symbols. Whenever a Fireball symbol lands, it zooms up and lands right above the Instant Prize slab. These slabs can cover one to five reels and increase in size and prize value with every paid spin.

Fireball Multipliers have multipliers ranging from x2 to x50, and when they land, they boost the value of the Instant Prize slab above them.

Free Games

Players receive 5x, 50x, or 1,000x their stake plus 6 free spins when three, four, or five Fire Orb symbols appear on the screen. 

For every additional Fire Orb in view, you will receive an additional free spin. Several changes are made for the bonus round. To begin, all pay symbols have been taken from the reels, leaving just Fireballs, Fireball Multipliers, and Scatter symbols to appear.


Let’s start by appreciating the developer’s continued ambition to break the rules and attempt new things. The slot game is not a card or betting game. In sports betting, for example, you can predict statistically a game. In slot, every game is unpredictable and has its own set of rules.

Nightfall is no different. This game has a strange way of potentially dealing out wins. Uniquely, this is one of the studio’s hallmarks. 

Smashing blocks is an action that has appeared in slots before, but not quite like this, affording Nightfall with a certain level of intrigue.

Even if Nightfall does not appear to be destined to become a future classic, there are some interesting features to enjoy at the online site such as Finally, that is our Nightfall Push Gaming review

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