The Online Gambling Case That Allegedly Involved Nikita Mirzani

At the end of 2019, the sensational artist, Nikita Mirzani , was suspected of being involved in an online gambling case. Knowing this news, Niki, the nickname of Nikita Mirzani, responded casually. For Niki, he is a law-abiding citizen. If the police asked him to attend, he was ready to attend and give a statement. 


Niki Online Gambling Case


Last September, two men reported Niki on an online gambling case. The two men claimed to be a lawyer named Daniel Heri Pasaribu and his partner, Andi Rudin Lumban Gaol. Both of them insisted on reporting Niki because one of the posts on Nikita Mirzani’s Instagram account contained gambling-related content . 

Daniel Heri Pasaraibu then explained that the online gambling case that dragged the name of this famous artist had violated Article 27 of the ITE Law. A person who violates this article can be subject to a prison sentence of 6 years and a fine of 1 billion rupiah. 

This online gambling case was then handled by the Jakarta Police Criminal Investigation Unit with Daniel Heri Pasaribu as the reporter. Daniel was also asked for information for 3 hours at Polda Metro Jaya. Daniel really appreciated the investigative team for being quick to accept and thoroughly investigate the report. 

Daniel also hopes that investigators will immediately resolve the online gambling case that dragged Niki’s name completely in accordance with the applicable law. He also added that the investigating team must seriously take action on this case so that any content containing gambling elements can be blocked.

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Evidence of Niki’s Online Gambling Case : Instagram Content


According to Daniel, Nikita Mirzani as the party who carried out the endorsement certainly got a profit from the online gaming site that paid for it. It is certainly easy for the investigating team to track and carry out an investigation of the site owner. 

Still based on Daniel’s statement, his party has collected evidence and has given it to the investigating team. The evidence is in the form of print outs and videos containing posts on Nikita Mirzani’s Instagram account which allegedly contains elements of gambling. 

Jokowi Watch Supports Online Gambling Eradication

Daniel’s report regarding the online gambling case that reported Nikita Mirzani as the reported party received a response from Tigor Doris Sitorus as a senior Jokowi Watch official. Tigor explained that he was very supportive of the steps that had been taken by Daniel. He also asked the investigation team to immediately resolve gambling content.

Tigor added that the artist Niki could be the starting gate for the police to thoroughly investigate online gambling cases and eliminate online bookies operating in Indonesia. Bang Tigor also really asked the current National Police Chief to focus on eradicating various forms of online gambling in Indonesia. 

It seems that what Tigor conveyed is the hope that represents the majority of Indonesian people. Our society is now increasingly restless with various social ailments, including conventional gambling and online gambling. This statement can also be a statement of denial that so far the police have been the backing of online bookies. 

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It seems that it is no longer a secret that there is an assumption that online gambling cases are rampant in our country because of omissions. Some even say that online bookies are free to run their business because they have been supported by several elements in the police. I have no idea. Is this assumption true or is it just an issue.

About Nikita Mirzani

Who does not know this artist. Nikita Mirzani may be known as an artist who is full of controversial acts. Even so, he admitted that he was happy to be himself. He has the principle of being happy for himself as long as he does not harm others.

Niki, who is now actively vlogging, often shares favorite items such as bags, shoes, etc. to her fans through her Instagram account and Youtube channel. Besides being known to love sharing, he is also known as an artist who has many haters. 

Several times Niki had dealt with the police. He often went back and forth to the police station regarding several cases that had entangled him. The last two cases before the online gambling case that may still be remembered by the public are cases of persecution of her ex-husband and cases of online prostitution that previously ensnared an artist named Vanessa Angel.

To this day, many online gambling case allegedly involving Niki Mirzani is still under investigation. Niki said he was happy because the police had always treated him well. He hopes that this case will be resolved soon so that he can refocus on his new hobby, namely vlogging . 

We as the public certainly also hope that this case will be resolved soon. Whatever the outcome will be, hopefully all forms of gambling practices can be eradicated for the common good. 

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