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Instability of Emotional is a Sign of Online Gambling Addiction in Children

Instability of Emotional is a Sign of Online Gambling Addiction in Children – Playing online gambling is now familiar to the public, especially for fans of the game. The majority of those who play online gambling include people who earn extra money. Because the material for betting when playing gambling is not small, but in a very large amount. However, children are very vulnerable to this type of online gambling addiction.

Not only people who already have an income, but teenagers with early game play will lead to it. It’s not the reason they don’t want to, but sometimes these online gaming sites include gambling services that can attract teenagers. So that from any circle and whoever is most important when playing, they must dare to bet a very large amount of money.

When you feel happy with the online poker gambling game, you will find it interesting to play. Increasingly forgetting his obligations as a head of the family to meet the needs of his wife and children.

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Likewise, children and teenagers will forget the obligation to study because of excessive addiction due to playing online gambling. The characteristics of online gambling addiction will be explained in this article.


Here are the Addictive Signs of Playing Online Poker

Unstable emotion

Playing excessively causes someone to get emotional easily, because they feel that what they do around them is wrong. Online gambling addiction excessively which results in anxiety and irritability. This is a characteristic of addiction to playing online gambling.

The adrenaline trigger that is usually caused by pleasure can also be caused by anxiety and excessive anxiety. Especially when playing gambling loses, you will definitely feel anxious and want to be angry and want to increase the stake. This makes you feel regretful at the online poker gambling game.  

Gambling is the First Priority

When you join, you will forget about your responsibilities as head of the family, which means you are really addicted to online gambling. Addicts will pay attention to the development of gambling which he thinks is more important than anything else. This causes the relationship between the family to get worse and even be damaged by his actions.

Can’t Stop Playing

The addictive characteristics of playing online poker gambling will be betting by increasing the amount of money. Each time the game will add to the reason that you want to close your winnings with more money. Likewise, when you experience defeat, it is a motivation to increase the bet money.

Even though this is very detrimental to addicts who only spend their money as betting material. The gambling banda feels happy with the members who still have the desire to win. This will make the amount of betting money bigger and the interest of other addicts even more passionate.

Increase Bet Amount

Addiction to playing online poker will make you even more curious by increasing the amount of bet money to increase your hope of winning. Addicts will not be satisfied with a small amount, because it is considered that the chance of winning is very small. Even though when betting with a lot of money it will be possible to lose a large amount due to defeat.

So playing online gambling makes individuals act to get large amounts of money. Criminal acts can also be carried out when the defeat is experienced by the online gambling addicts. The consequences of this addiction will have a negative impact on yourself and others.

Indeed, development in the digital field have influenced many things. One of them is the development of online casinos which make it easy to get and played by everyone including children. So, parents must be aware of this thing.

Those are the characteristics of playing gambling online that end in regret and disappointment in the future.

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