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Cyber ​​Patrol in Hunting for Online Gambling Poker Sites

Nowadays, online gambling sites are increasingly famous in cyberspace. Many victims are entangled in poker, baccarat, roulette, koprok, soccer betting, slot gambling, and blackjack players. One of the sites that are loved by many Indonesians is the online gambling poker site.

The reason is because it promises great profit, instant wealth, and satisfies lust. It’s better not to be easily tempted because if you are addicted it will make your future bleak.


Online Gambling Poker Sites Business in Indonesia


Now the online gambling poker site business in Indonesia is scattered in various cities. This is one effect of the development of online casinos globally. In fact, there are more and more gambling agents reaching tens of thousands of agents. This is what positively damages the mentality of the nation. Starting from the SBOBET site, Link Poker, Asian Poker, Indonesian Poker are used to satisfy the desire to play gambling.

Based on information from the admin of the online gambling with the initials AG (30) who was caught at the Bogor Elite Housing Complex, the income of a large bookies. Just imagine in a day getting a turnover of billions of rupiah. According to him, the most profitable time for gambling for gambling companies is at night and when the world cup is held.

Usually the bookies come from the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia and Hong Kong. They place the chief agent in each country who acts as the leader of the agents under it.

This dirty business has always been the target of the police and the Kominfo team. The reason is, it is very difficult for the government to block online gambling poker sites. This gambling company would not overtly register a site under the name poker. Tend to call it a normal online game that is legal to play.

In addition, the gambling management movement also has a special syndicate that is run online. When their site is tracked it will be changed with the aim of avoiding blocking and tracking. The locations of online gambling management are also constantly on the move to scan ambushes from law enforcement agencies.

Policy Research Brief News

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Accessing online poker gambling sites from the community according to the police is quite easy. Especially now that various messaging applications are developing. This makes the distribution and marketing of gambling more flexible. The impact of gambling players in Indonesia is increasing significantly.

In fact, prospective players register, top up balances, and bet with a sense of calm. The balance purchased to play poker is called a deposit is also transferred between banks securely. Starting from 100 thousand to hundreds of millions of rupiah.

To his surprise, according to police investigators, online poker players come from all ages and all walks of life.

The fact is that online gambling is a giant business with an annual turnover in the trillions. According to Kompol Fian Yunus, Head of Unit IV of the Sub-Directorate for Cyber ​​Crime, Polda Metro Jaya, the phenomenon of online gambling is mushrooming. Ironically, the newest mode is more sophisticated than the previous one.

Kompol Fian said that during 2010, the police team was able to easily track the whereabouts of online gambling in Indonesia. Because at that time people accessing the digital internet was not as easy and free as it is today.

“Previously, online gambling players could only gamble from internet cafes. Now many people have their own laptops and androids, ”he told Liputan6 (dot) com.

In the past, bookies were more often found running the lottery business than poker. In addition, spreading gambling notifications via SMS gateway with broadcast messages

The tempted SMS recipient is then directed to visit a gambling site. Whereas gambling agents used to be mostly from internet cafes. Now the way poker gambling companies get away from police tracking is more different. Gambling poker sites are moved to servers in neighboring countries. Such as Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines and Singapore.

So, bookies rent servers from there and make them there too. However, to enter content using Indonesian. Because online gambling site customers are mostly Indonesians. What remains in Indonesia is gambling agents who manage remotely.

Hunting Illegal Gambling Sites

Based on the investigation by the police team, a number of Indonesian citizens were brought abroad to work as gambling agents. There are still gambling workers in Indonesia who are tasked with carrying out operations, maintenance, updates, and becoming customer service.

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Then, the account used to receive money from players is not a company account. The mechanism is by using the accounts of a number of people being sold. So, each account owner received Rp. 2.5 million to Rp. 7.5 million.

The account is not used forever, but there are changes periodically. Usually the accounts are replaced every month so that they cannot be traced by the police. The point is that bookies and gambling agents are very difficult to catch because they move in a syndicate. In fact, when being watched they could find out and immediately disappeared without a trace.

The police also collaborated with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology to block online gambling sites on the internet. The method used is a crawling mechanism by asking the ISP to block sites with negative content.

The Role of Indonesian Cyber ​​Patrols in Hunting Online Gambling Poker Sites

Now in eradicating online gambling, the Cyber ​​Crime Directorate (Dittipidsiber) is present. Is a work unit under Bareskrim Polri whose task is to enforce the law for cyber crimes. Generally, the problems handled are computer crime and computer-related crime.

People call it cyber police. In fact, cyber police have the ability to prove cybercrime. In carrying out its duties, it is equipped with supporting facilities, such as a digital forensic laboratory.

There you can test and calibrate computer forensics and technical checks for digital evidence. Dittipidsiber also works with many agencies, domestic and foreign. So that coordination to deal with transnational and organized cyber crime.

The development of online gambling poker sites in Indonesia is indeed rampant. Eradication is indeed feasible so that the nation’s generation is not damaged by gambling.

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