Penguin City Slot Review: 3 Things You Need to Know

Game developers sometimes come up with strange themes for games like the Penguin City slot from provider Yggdrasil. 

Free-roaming penguins inhabit a very nicely animated Chinese restaurant. The penguins seem to be customers, but the restaurant has other plans: the penguins have to be transformed into a kind of penguin panggang in the wok.

We think it’s far-fetched. However, is it an exciting slot? And can you win some nice prizes?. 


Penguin City Slot Review

1. How Does Penguin City Work?

That slot game has 5 reels with 3 symbols per reel with  minimum bet is $0.10.

There are no paylines. At least 3 of the same symbols on 3 adjacent reels is a prize, and this can be done from either the left or the right. Yggdrasil calls this winning principle ‘243 ways’, because there are 243 ways to win per spin.

If you spin a winning combination with a Wild symbol (joker), the feature of this slot machine starts: the Penguin Escape Mode. All Wilds that you spin prior to the feature remain and you get a free re-spin.

After the re-spin, a penguin tries to escape from the kitchen of the restaurant. If you succeed, the penguin changes a symbol on the reels, so you win an (extra) prize.

As long as you spin a winning combination, the feature will continue. In theory, you can get endless re-spins.

If the penguin doesn’t manage to escape, the poor animal ends up stir-fried and already in a takeout box. If you also do not have a prize on the reels, the feature ends.

Finally, there is one more pleasant extra. During Penguin Escape Mode you sometimes spin an Emperor Wild on the middle reel. 

That’s a joker that can cover all of the middle reel or part of it. After every spin, this Emperor Wild drops down one row. As long as the symbol is in view, you are guaranteed to win a prize on every spin.

2. The 1000 Spins on Penguin City

We did play 1000 spins and placed the minimum bet of 10 cents per spin.

Then, we  immediately notice how neat Penguin City is, with funny details and animations. You should take a look at the lock for that alone.

Another reason to try Penguin City: you get the feature very often. In 1000 spins we take the Penguin Escape Mode 45 times. That’s about once every 23 spins. So you never have to wait long for a bonus round, like with some other slots .

The winnings in Penguin Escape Mode are very variable. The lowest price that we score is $0.02. But he also picks up $31.34 once, thanks to three Emperor Wilds. More than 313x the bet. Look, come on!.

The only thing that really irritates us is the noise that the penguins make when they don’t manage to relax from the restaurant kitchen. As if someone… Well, listen for yourself!

In the end, we won $11.92 after 1000 spins. With a bet of a dime per spin. Fine!.

3. The Payout Percentage

To be clear: the payout percentage of the online slot Penguin City from Yggdrasil is 96.2%. This means that in the very long term, measured over millions of spins, this slot machine will eventually pay out 96.2 dollars of every dollar wagered.

If you play a smaller number of spins, the actual payout percentage can be much higher or much lower. We had more luck than average in the 1000 spins we played for this slot review. 

In conclusion, the Penguin City slot is a weird game in terms of theme, but it still works. 

From only 10 cents you can enjoy yourself on this slot machine and with a little luck in  judi qq you can win a prize of a few hundred times your bet. Just that one annoying sound, Yggdrasil has to do something about that.

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