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Reactoonz 2 Slot demo – Free Games, Spins & Bonuses

Reactoonz 2 slot demo is a cluster based online slot by Play’n GO. The slot features two bonus meters that trigger extra wilds (including Gargartoon) and cascading reels. This high volatility slot machine has a 96.2% payout percentage and a 3000x top prize.



One of the world’s most popular online slots has finally spawned a sequel. With two special bonus meters, all sorts of extra wilds and the return of Gargatoon, this game offers excitement for slots fans.

Reactoonz 2 is a long-awaited sequel to one of the most popular slots of all time, and you can try out the Reactoonz slot demo for free here at Slots Temple.

Reactoonz 2 free slot comes with a play money balance on Temple Slots so you can try it out before spinning your reels for real money. We recommend between 150 and 200 demo rounds so that you can get a good feel for the game.

Reactoonz 2 Theme And Graphics

Everything we liked about the first Reactoonz slot is right here in this sequel. You have a similar electro-themed soundtrack with the high and low paying symbols divided into two-eyed and one-eyed aliens.

The main difference, when it comes to the graphics, is that there’s just a little bit more going on in terms of detail. The characters’ faces are more animated as they change their expressions and look at each other, adding a whole new level to the game’s overall look.

Not much has changed in terms of aesthetics, which is perfectly fine with us. The first Reactoonz already looked great, so there was no need for Play N GO to change anything.

Reactonz 2

Rate of Return and Volatility

The rate of return of Reactoonz 2 is 96.2%. This is slightly below the original game, which boasted a payout percentage of 96.51%. It is also a high volatility game, similar to the first slot.

How to win in Reactoonz 2

Reactoonz 2 creates winning combos when five or more matching symbols land together in a group, much like the first game did. A win may involve up to 15 symbols, and the top paytable award is 500X your wager. The grand prize total is 5083x.

Whenever you get a win in Reactoonz 2 slot demo, a cascade will occur. This means that all winning symbols will disappear and new symbols will fall in their place.

Electric Wilds And The Fluctometer

Electric wilds in the game appear when a low paying symbol “floats”. If a floating symbol is involved in a win, an electrical wild will be added to the reel in its place on the next cascade.

The Fluctometer is activated whenever an electrical wild appears on the reels. Once the meter is fully charged, between 1 and 3 electrical wilds will be added to the game. This can happen multiple times in a rotation.

Bonus Quantometer And Gargantoon

Whenever non-wild symbols are removed by an electrical wild, the Quantometer will be loaded. After collecting 55 symbols on the meter, you will activate Level 1 on the Quantometer:

Level 1: Needs 55 symbols to activate and triggers four Energoon 1×2 wilds

Level 2: Needs 85 symbols to activate and triggers a wild 2×2 Energoon

Level 3: Needs 110 symbols to activate and triggers a Gargantoon wild 3×3

Level 4: Needs 135 symbols to activate and adds a 2x multiplier to all Gargantoon wins

Just like in the original game, Gargatoon symbols break. When the 3×3 symbol triggers a cascade, it splits into two 2×2 Gargatoon wilds. These will then split into 9 Gargantoonz 1×2.

Once the feature is over, if two electric wilds remain on the reels next to each other, you will trigger the Par Wild explosion. This will remove all symbols except wilds from the screen. If they are not next to each other, all symbols between them will be removed.

Although symbols removed from play in the Par Wild explosion do not pay out, they do carry the Quantometer.

Reactoonz 2 Slot Demo Review

The world of online slots has long been awaiting a sequel to the hugely successful Reactoonz, and Reactoonz 2 looks set to bring just as much fun as the original – if not more. The game has plenty of great bonuses on offer with different gauges and wild features.

At two gauges, Reactoonz 2 risks being a little too complicated – but, we imagine you’ll get over that hurdle after playing a few rounds. So don’t let complex rules deter you.

The top prize is only 5083x, so it doesn’t have the biggest payday on the slots market. However, the first Reactoonz only had a top prize of 4570x, so it’s not really a huge disappointment.

The main downside is that there don’t seem to be as many bonuses in Reactoonz 2 slot demo as there are in the original game. In the first Reactoonz, there were a bunch of different random features that could be triggered – like symbols being transformed, made wild or removed, but you just get different styles of wilds in this game. You can also play this game on online slot sites like Bonanza88.

The Goonies

For another game with lots of different bonuses on offer, The Goonies is perfect for you. This game has 6 base game modifiers and 6 bonus games that offer all kinds of unique ways to win as you spin the reels.

Wild Worlds

Players are treated to a unique online gaming experience in this NetEnt slot game. Like Reactoonz 2, Wild Worlds requires you to collect winning symbols to top up your bonus meters and get some awesome perks. It also has a great battle-based Free Spins round!


In addition to enjoying the Reactoonz slot series, many players also adore Gemix. Another cluster-based slot with vivid graphics, players can explore various worlds that each provide different bonuses in this game.

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