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Slot Machine Strategy – Helpful Advice for Playing the Slots


Slot Machine Strategy – Helpful Advice for Playing the Slots

If you’re interested in a short overview of the main tips that a slots player should know, then you landed on the right page.

Here are some helpful tips for slot players. But still the main tip that I can give you is that gambling is fun- and in the long run it is still the house who is winning. But to make your chances of winning slots machines a bit higher, we have put together the main tips that a Slot Strategy Player should know.

1) Play slots that have the biggest jackpots and the biggest payout percentages.

Online slots have higher payouts and bigger jackpots than live slots due to less overhead costs. So as a Professional Slot Player, keep an eye out for special situations like Super High Progressives or slots that haven’t paid out in a long time and you could be the next one who hits the jackpot.

2) Check the payout schedule.

First always know what winning combinations of symbols you are aiming to get and adjust your playing strategy accordingly. Afterwards keep an eye out for the highest progressive slot games. Do some research and find which ones have paid out and when. Choose those that haven’t paid out for the longest period of your time to maximize your chances of winning.

3) Pay attention to jackpot bonuses

I always follow a simple slot players rule: “What is the minimal sum that gives you the edge in front of the house”. If Slot A pays 100$ on 1 coin, 200$ on 2 coins and 500$ on 3 coins – then I think you understand that you have better chances to win playing 3 coins at one time, than playing 1 or 2 coins. On the other hand – if the jackpot will also come out with 1 coin, then there is no reason to play with 3 coins at a time. One of the online gambling platforms that always provides super fantastic jackpots is Aw8Indo!

4) Always leave a slot that just paid out a big jackpot, but…

…remember or write down in your notebook the date the slot paid out the jackpot. Normally slots turn around in 2-3 month cycles, so you know when the next time will be, the slot pays out again.

5) Know your limits

Basically there are three budgets that I set every time I start to play.

First is my daily budget – that is the total amount of money that I can spend today on gambling. My budget mostly consists of my own money and some money that I won last time I was playing.

The next budget is the ” must” budget – that is the budget that I know I need to spend due to my progressive strategies, that need every day some investment.

The last budget is the “fun” budget – which I mostly use to try out new strategies and just have fun playing.

So, set yourself a budget and stick with it.

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6) Don’t play slots you don’t understand.

If you honestly want to get the full value and the most fun from your bets, then first get to know what game you’re playing. Nowadays, you can even easily read reviews about a slot machine on various websites such as Nowadays, you can even easily read reviews about a slot machine on various websites such as Good and Evil slot or Monte Carlo Billions slot. Start with looking at the pay table, see how many lines you can bet at… etc. Get the foremost out of the sport ….

7) Play slots for the fun, not for the money.

Don’t make money from slot machines. Use this game as a game only. And when you win, consider it a bonus.


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