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The Wild 3 Slot Overview: Features, Bonus & RTP

Oh wow, when we activated this slot, we had no idea what we were doing. With the intention of learning as we went, we gave up trying to read the instruction booklet and just dove in. The Wild 3 Slot differs significantly from a regular slot, at least when it comes to the features, while having a typical setup of 5 reels, 3 rows, and 10 pay lines.

Writing this review proved to be a little difficult because there are so many things going on in the game. The emphasis here seems to be more on entertainment than on trying to appease ardent slot games. This slot machine is vibrant, upbeat, and action-packed with typical rewards.

It’s a traditional wild west tale with cartoonish visuals and a music loop influenced by The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. El Loco the Racoon, Five Star the Coyote, and T-Bone the Bull, the three sheriff heroes, are battling the villainous bandits who are terrorizing the tranquil town of Peaceville.


The Wild 3 Slot symbols

Variations of cactus flowers, dynamite, bags of cash, gold bars, safes, banks, and vultures are among the symbols on the reels. The latter is the most valuable and awards you 25 times your wager on level 0 bet.

The three wild symbols, the Wild Racoon (purple), the Wild Coyote (red), and the Wild Bull (green), which each have unique attributes. sbobet are the game’s main visual elements.

  • Wild Racoon feature – If the WILD RACOON sign occurs anywhere on reel 3, it might at random swap out other symbols there. The free spins game will still be started if there are initially two BONUS symbols on the reels and one or both of them are later replaced by WILD RACOON.
  • Wild Coyote feature -All CACTUS symbols (purple, green, and tall cactus) change into WILD COYOTE symbols if WILD COYOTE appears anywhere on reel 3.
  • Wild Bull feature – In the event that WILD BULL appears anywhere on reel 3, all wins involving one or more WILDS will be doubled by 2, 3, 5 or 10 at random.

As previously mentioned, the Wild 3 Slot bonus is activated if any of the three wild symbols land on the center reel. On the same spin, more than one Wild feature may be triggered. The WILD COYOTE feature is started first, for instance, if the WILD RACOON and WILD COYOTE features are triggered at the same time.

The Wild 3 Slot has a Super Wager button, like many other NextGen slots, with three settings for controlling the RTP/Variance, the range of bet sizes, and the active Wild features:

  • Bet level 0 – enables bets with a 95.5% RTP setting between €0.10 and €100. One feature only—Wild Racoon—is in use.
  • Bet level 1 – enables bets with a 96% RTP setting between €0.15 and €150. The Wild Coyote and Wild Racoon features are both operational.
  • Bet level 2 – enables wagers between €0.20 and €200 with an RTP setting of 96.7%. There are three Wild features in use.


A randomly generated set of three missions is generated when you start the game for the first time. For each coin value and SuperBet level that are offered, mission sets are produced at random. Each mission set will receive 3 of the total 8 missions. Sounds challenging? It’s not, in fact.

For instance, you could need to score a large win, activate The Wild 3 Slot feature, and get a 5 of a kind win in order to finish a task set. The Rob the Rich feature is then given as a reward.

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Rob The Rich Feature

With 15 moneybags arriving on the screen, this extra is simply a picking bonus. Clicking the moneybags will disclose credit awards, two additional picks, or mystery symbols for players who have three initial picks.

A cash reward of 5x to 100x is given for revealing a mystery symbol. The amount of all revealed winnings multiplied by the total stake equals the overall win.

Lock ‘n’ Load Respins & Free Spins

Unlike other slots, this one has a unique way of triggering the free spins. When two bonus symbols—which can only show up on reels 2 and 4—and at least one wild symbol show up on the same reel spin, the player is given five free games.

With the aid of the Lock ‘n’ Load Respin, getting the two bonus symbols without the wild gives you another shot. Reel 3 is then spun up to three more times while reels 2 and 4 are kept in place.

The wild symbol(s) that appear on reel 3 during the bonus spins stay in place for the remainder of the feature. Additionally, any extra wild symbols that land on the center reel will stay sticky. The fact that the ability of the wild or wilds that assisted in triggering the bonus will be used for each spin of the bonus is, nevertheless, the biggest advantage.

This indicates that if the Coyote and two bonus symbols are used to unlock the bonus, the Coyote’s ability will thereafter be activated after each spin.

The Wild 3 Slot Conclusion

This review has undoubtedly shown you that there is a lot to keep track of here. Thankfully, once you start spinning the reels, The Wild 3 Slot is not as challenging as it first appears. You need be aware of a few things, though.

Due to the lack of multipliers, playing with SuperBet level 0 and 1 was pointless and only allowed for a maximum win possibility of 250 times the stake. The green multiplier wild in conjunction with the red wild, or even better, all three, must be activated to trigger the bonus in order to get the most out of this slot machine.

If all three are activated, a full screen of wilds with an x10 multiplier may result. The 1250x maximum win on a single spin, which is possible in the main game as well, is only available to you if you hit it on this spin.

What is the final conclusion, then? Depending on the kind of player you are, you may or may not enjoy this game. This might work for you if you’re flexible and value entertainment over volatility. The Wild 3 Slot may seem difficult and frustrating if, on the other hand, you’re the kind of die-hard classic slot player who is drawn to wild animals.


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