Marbles at Tinsley Green

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By Sam McCarthy-Fox



For hundreds of years marbles were played all over Sussex, and until the twentieth century these games were played among village folk for fun. When marbles were revived in the 1930�s they were styled Championships, a name still used today. But we hope the fun atmosphere has now returned. This article is about some of the players and teams that added some of the fun to Tinsley Green and the championships.

George Burbridge, Ted Mobsby, Jim �Killer” Cook, Harry Langridge, the Sired family and Auther Chamberlain are just a few of the people I must thank for the stories and tales about the �marbles� at Tinsley Green.

Many other people from all over the world have encouraged me with my work on marbles and I hope some time in the future to produce a more detailed book on difference aspects of marbles.

If any one who veads this has any information on marbles, marble games or anything to do with them I would be glad to hear from them. 

Sam McCarthy-Fox

History of the marble players and teams from Tinsley Green

Marbles-rules of the game as played at Tinsley Green

Tinsley Green 2001

Tinsley Green 2002

Tinsley Green 2003

Tinsley Green 2004

Tinsley Green 2005

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