Anti-mainstream Honeymoon Destinations

Anti-mainstream Honeymoon Destinations – If people usually choose romantic places to enjoy their honeymoon, you can choose another but no less interesting...

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Anti-mainstream Honeymoon Destinations

Anti-mainstream Honeymoon Destinations – If people usually choose romantic places to enjoy their honeymoon, you can choose another but no less interesting place.

Honeymoon is indeed the happiest moment for just married couples. Honeymoons are something many new legal couples are looking for after an adventure together. The world feels like it’s only ours.

Well, for those of you who have an anti-mainstream mentality to make your special vacation with your partner even more memorable, here are anti-mainstream or unusual honeymoon destinations to choose from.

1. Ora Island, Maluku

Honeymoons are every newly married couple’s dream. Typically, people honeymoon anywhere from three days to a week. When it comes to the most popular honeymoon spots in Indonesia, the answers are definitely Bali and Lombok islands.

Anti-mainstream Honeymoon Destinations
Ora Island, Maluku

In fact, these two islands are the most visited by newly married couples as they have a very romantic atmosphere. But besides Bali and Lombok, it turns out that there are other places to go as a honeymoon destination. Of course, there is not as much going on here as in Bali, so you and your partner can relax all day and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Ora Island is one of the islands in Central Maluku. This island has a very beautiful natural landscape that ranges from beaches, seas, forests, hills to beautiful cliffs. The atmosphere is quite calm, so it is very suitable as a honeymoon place. You can invite your partner to stay at Ora Beach Resort, a seaside inn. This inn only has five bungalows so you need to book these in advance.

2. Palau

Made up of more than 200 small islands, Palau is an anti-mainstream place to visit to enjoy your honeymoon.

Scuba diving is an exciting activity to do with your partner. Seeing the beauty of corals and fish under the sea will make a beautiful impression on your honeymoon.

3. Thonga Beach Lodge – KZN, South Africa

Would you like your honeymoon to be more sophisticated? If you go on safari but don’t want to go on a honeymoon without enjoying the beach view, Thonga Beach Lodge in KZN is the best choice for you. In this hut you can practice all the activities and activities that are normally done on the beach, such as swimming, sunbathing, or you can also snorkel, dive or just sail across the sea in a kayak. Less romantic, what else can you try?

4. Santorini

Tour in Santorini (Greek) - Kenpong Travel and Tours

Santorini is island with circular volcanic. This place is located 200 km from mainland Greece. Surely you hear about the very famous Greek legend often? About the gods, who for many people often turn into fairy tales. Some believe it, some don’t.

This place is very close to the place where the legend of the gods is told!

One of the islands known as the most romantic island in the world. It is suitable as the best destination for your honeymoon.

5. Denmark

The beauty of Danish urban planning will pamper your eyes. The colorful buildings and the creaking river in the middle of the city will make your honeymoon unforgettable. A boat trip and then down the river to spend quality time with your partner will be romantic moments.

Brunch on the café terrace can also be a way to relax and chat with your partner.

It’s not the time for the same honeymoon. It’s time you made a different impression by choosing one of the above locations as your best honeymoon destinations. / Dy

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