Wealth Inn Review (Habanero) RTP 96.64%, Low Volatility

Are you looking for the Wealth Inn review? Those seeking good fortune should spend one night at the inn that the Chinese God of Wealth has opened. 

Cai Shen is the host of Habanero’s release, Wealth Inn, and one of the featured symbols. A game with their usual good graphics, a classic setup that may be appealing to some players, and at least one feature to consider, it’s not a bad choice overall, as you’ll soon discover.


Best of Wealth Inn Review

Each single spin that is triggered on Wealth Inn has 8 active lines and 3×3 reels. Payouts of up to 1,504x the stake are possible, which is excellent for a low-volatility game, and the 96.64% RTP further demonstrates that this is a slot machine worth checking out, especially for those who prefer to take smaller risks. 

There is only one feature worth paying attention to, an expanding wild that can take over a whole reel.

1. Betting Options

The bet can be altered in several ways, including changing the bet level or the value of the coins chosen, but not the number of lines. 

With eight fixed lines, you can bet as little as $0.08 per spin and as much as $8,000, according to the rules. This is accomplished by using 1 to 10 coins for each of those lines, with a maximum value of $100.

There are also some good payouts to be had as well, with wins of up to 1,504x the round’s stake being possible, according to the developer. 

It’s an above-average reward for a game with such low volatility, so we give Habanero bonus points for pulling it off. We also like the 96.64% RTP for Wealth Inn, which has been announced.

2. Game Features

Wealth Inn’s 8 active lines on 3×3 reels create wins when three matching symbols appear on the same line.

The wild symbol, which will appear with the picture of Cai Shen himself, the God of Wealth providing a hand by functioning as a substitute in whatever win forms, may be of assistance. For example, you can be paid if you have one wild and two regular symbols on a line, with the low value symbol determining the prize value.

It’s also important to note that this is an expanding wild, which is uncommon in today’s slot machines. However, this is a three-reel slot, so while it appears to be a modern game, its roots are in the past.

3. Design and Theme

It was created with Chinese culture in mind, and it relies on one of the country’s most popular deities to provide us with this slot. Wealth Inn brings us to an inn that is allegedly run by Cai Shen, the Chinese God of Wealth. 

This one uses a lot of red and gold in its construction, giving it a luxurious feel. The background image depicts the inside of the inn, with bamboo trees visible through side doorways.

The reels themselves have a red background with golden borders. The Cai Shen Wild, as well as gold ingots, a jade object, and three red, gold, and green knots, serve as symbols.

Final Words

In the end of our slot gacor Wealth Inn review, the game appears to be a slot machine that could be a lot of fun, as it’s not easy to find a low volatility slot with a good RTP and good top jackpots for the amount of risk involved in playing it. It’s a little light on features alternatively, but the expanding wild adds some enjoyment.


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