The Exciting Ocean Park in Hong Kong

Vacation to Hong Kong will certainly be very exciting and enjoyable if you choose the right tourist destination. In the various choices of routes and itineraries that are used as references, usually when you go to Hong Kong, you will be more recommended to Disneyland. Even though there is one place that must be visited, this is an ocean park that provides a fun holiday in it.

This amusement park also provides its own excitement like Disneyland. When it comes to Hong Kong, be sure to visit this place. Interestingly, this place will be easily accessible by all ages, you know.

When on vacation to Hong Kong, enjoying the beauty and excitement of this city will certainly be very exciting by choosing the best tourist destination, right? In supertogel, it was discussed about Hong Kong tourism, which always provides exciting games and should not be forgotten.

Enjoying this ocean park will definitely be fun right? Everyone, from children to adults, can enjoy the fun and excitement of playing here.

Enjoy the Rides at Ocean Park


Ocean park is one of the tourist attractions which is certainly very fun to visit. The age of this playground is quite old, you know, after it was officially opened in 1977, this park has become a mainstay tourist attraction in Hong Kong. Carrying the theme of sea animals, this makes the name Ocean Park even more perfect as a place to play with the concept of the sea.

Here, visitors can enjoy various shows and enjoy complete rides. There are also several options to enjoy this ride, from the lightest to the most challenging.

Apart from playing rides, this ocean park also has exciting shows to watch. Some of these shows are Waterfront and Summit. Later, tourists will be brought into a large tube filled with fish. To enter it, you can use the cable car or cable car provided.

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Some of the shows that can be found in this park are Aqua City, Shark Mystique, TAdventures in Australia, Hrill Mountain, and many more. If you are this lucky, you can find special shows such as the Halloween season. How interesting isn’t it?


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